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Evita (Easy) vom Hause Lechner- our breeding dog

Date of birth: August 05, 2015

HD B, heart without pathological findings, eyes without pathological findings, homozygotic blue color.

Evita is our joy and companion in our everyday life. She was born on August 05, 2015 in Sankt Florian city and we were allowed to take her home on October 10, 2015. It was a start of new exciting stage in our life.

Evita always has been cheerful, positive, curious and very friendly dog; she was a stranger to fear. We nourished and cherished her like a child. She is eager to learn and she attends school with pleasure. Evita is very sporting dog: she runs after bicycle or is joging with us and visits the agility trainings for fun.

She likes children and she plays with pleasure with other dogs, horses, cows and cats. Evita travels a lot with us and draws an attention due to her size and mild, friendly temper.

So come to us and meet our Evita!

Ahnentafel Easy vom Hause Lechner

Ahnentafel Easy vom Hause Lechner

Ahnentafel Easy vom Hause Lechner – PDF

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