About Us

„I think Dogs are the most amazing
creatures; they give unconditional love.
For me, they are the role model for being alive.“
Gila Radner, comedienne

We are happy that you visit our homepage. We hope to awake your interest for a wonderful and charming breed Grate Dane.

I, Elena Leeb, since childhood loved to work with animals. I always had cats, or other small pets and fishes. The time with the dogs of our neighbours and friends gifted me a lot of joy.

The love of the dog is unconditional und has no borders. It gives a lot of power and security.

In 2011 I have met one German shepherd half- bread dog named Hannibal at the shelter. I could not forget him. So he, the old traumatized dog, became my best friend and was on my side till 2015. I was aware that Hanni will not live long, but it was of high importance for me that he will spend his last years in happiness and with certain quality. He grew to be a wonderful dog: beautiful, pleasant and friendly. I will always be very grateful for his love and deepness, he is forever in my heart.

In 2015 we created a family with my now husband Hubert Leeb and already before our marriage he wanted to soothe the pain of my soul and gift me a special dog. We decided that it will be no German shepherd at the moment. Fast and spontaneously was a decision made to take Grate Dane in our family. Hubert meant that Grate Dane is big and elegant like me and a lot of space at home we have anyways.

I decided that I would like to work with breeding, is a dream of me to gift life once with my own dog and to see the development.

I am very thankfull to my husband for all his support with my dreams and wishes.

Evita is our Family member and she lives with us at home. She goes each day free outside and enjoys our huge garden. I spend almost the whole day with her and she is often at my side. In 2018  we finished to build our mini Extrahome that will provide for Kennel needs. It has everything: its own door for the dogs, free space outside, floor- and fireplace heating, bed for me, so that I can always be near my dog and her babies.

My husband Hubert Leeb build up his name in Milk World. Animals are his passion as well. He dealt many years with horse breeding. Starting with one goat, her name was Maresi, with many years of hard and passionate work he built up a factory that supplies with good, healthy milk products.

We rent out some accomodation and my main point is always the respect and good relation to the animals. At our rented objects animals are allowed. It allows us to achive friendly atmosphere and I am always happy about the visit of the cats of our tenant. Evita goes sometimes hicking with our tenant Mark, she loves these times. 

I will be very happy to stay friends with my puppy owners, to contact each other from time to time and to meet.

I will be very happy to meet you!

Yours, Elena Leeb

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