Hello, dear dog lovers!

We are Hubert Leeb, my husband, and me, Elena Leeb. We live in Schlierbach, Kremstal, the region in Upper Austria.

From the very beginning of our married life we knew that our family needs a four-footed member. Our choice turned next to Blue Great Dane so we met Lechner family. We are happy that we earned trust of Lechner family; as a result, our breeding dog Evita born with name “Easy vom Hause Lechner” frolics in our spacious private homestead since October 10, 2015. We are grateful to Lechner family for support during Evita’s growth and first visits to dog shows.

Evita gave us many precious moments of her childhood and we had a great pleasure to be with her and to see her growth.

Evita enjoys life and learns something new every single day in our spacious private Riviera embosomed with meadowland and fields, streams, rivers and mountains. She grew with other dogs, children, cats, horses, cows and bees.

We attach great importance to socialization of our dog. Along with numerous dog shows, Evita is an Austrian Junior Champion. Besides, we visit the school for dogs «Top Dog Inzersdorf». We are grateful to Christian Sturmberger and his team and we are proud of the fact that Evita completed successfully the exams as companion dog (BH, BGH1). At the age of 24 months Evita finally was allowed to try agility and she was extremely happy. Her motivation to train and her ability to make us laugh a lot and to do sport together gives us precious moments and makes a close connection between us. This is only the beginning!

Evita is always with us in our everyday life. She has her special place at the factory of my husband and in the office of our joint firm; she travels a lot with us domestically and abroad.

Food suitable for Evita is extremely important for us, but we deal with it rather easily and good. Along with dry food providing necessary regularity, Evita receives good bio-yoghurt made of sheep milk from our dairy production and meat of bio-sheeps and goats bred by our farmers. It had the best effect on physical and health development of Evita.

My husband Hubert dealt with animals a lot in his life, when he developed his own chicken farming, goat breeding, sheep breeding and horse breeding and the very dairy production.

His understanding and intuition along with his experience will be very helpful to us in dog breeding and we are looking forward to see many healthy puppies.

Meanwhile Evita grew up and became a good-tempered, intelligent and fawning dog. Her big heart and exceptional charm surprise us every single day and we would like to spend a lot of happy years together.

I have a cherished dream – to be able to see our dog with her own set of puppies and to make many people happy with those puppies in the very near future.

My dog breeding is oriented to health, good temper, intelligence, efficiency and peculiar features of dog breed.

We will be glad about your visit of our kennel and Evita.

We wish you to enjoy our Webpage.